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Exploring The Best Restaurants Bangkok Has To Offer

When it comes to dining out in Bangkok, many high-quality restaurants serve a wide variety of different cuisines throughout the city. There is so much delicious food available in Bangkok that it can be hard to know where to start looking. If you are looking for inspiration to find your new favourite restaurant, below are some of the upcoming best restaurants that the city has to offer that you may wish to try.

Royal Osha

If you are looking for a modern Thai restaurant in Bangkok that provides the highest quality Thai food, then Royal Osha is one of the best in Bangkok. You will find a relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant as they dish out their modern interpretation of traditional Thai dishes, and you may be lucky enough to experience some Thai entertainment while you dine as well.


Sorn is a family-run restaurant that is set in a 90-year-old house and offers a wide variety of tasty fares and an enjoyable dining experience. The focus is on Southern Thai influences when you browse the menu, and you will find many of the ingredients are sourced from the provinces where the dishes originate. Sorn is a popular restaurant so it is worthwhile booking in advance to ensure that you can get a table.


Gaa is the brainchild of Garima Arora, who was the first Indian female chef to win a Michelin star. When dining downstairs, you can enjoy watching the chefs prepare your food, or for a more intimate and relaxed environment, you can choose to dine upstairs. If you love the flavours of India and have a craving for a delicious curry, Gaa is the place to go, and it is recommended that you book in advance.


When it comes to fine dining, it is the ingredients which are the most crucial factor, and Haoma takes this to a new level with the food that they prepare. Most of the herbs, spices and vegetables are grown by the restaurant, which allows them to be in complete control. Deepanker Khosla, who runs and owns Haoma, is realising their dream of creating a sustainable restaurant that provides the best meals using the highest quality ingredients.

Sushi Masato

Sushi Masato has been a popular destination for delicious Japanese food for many years, and previously getting a table there could prove to be very tricky. However, they have added a new floor which gives more space to accommodate diners allowing more people to sample the delicious food that is on offer. You could be in Tokyo when dining at Sushi Masato, and it is a dining experience that will leave you craving for more.

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